How to download copyright free images from Google?

Do you know how to download copyright free images from Google? If not, then this is a very good topic for you. Those who are blogging will know how many things have to be done to get their blog to the first page of google search engine, more attention has to be paid to SEO and to make their blog user friendly. Tax will attract more visitors to your blog. Users who visit your blog to read articles, they first see the images in the article. These are the images that give attractive appearance to our blog, towards which visitors are quickly attracted. This shows that the image is very important for the blog.

It is not a big deal to find an image for a blog and link it with your article, but the most important thing is that the image that we are using for our blog should not be copyrighted or else because of that we have to It can also cause a lot of damage later. Just like we need any information, we go to Google and search and get the information, in the same way we use Google even when we need images and there we see a lot of images But we cannot download and edit those images directly on our blog because all those images are copyrighted by someone else and it is illegal to use his images without asking them. It is possible that the owner of that images should file a case against you or complain to Google, due to which Google can also ban your blog.

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Every problem is solved and today I will tell you the solution through this article. There are many websites for downloading free images for blog where you can search and download images according to your requirement and there is no worry about copyrighted images but there are many images which we have other than Google And cannot be found anywhere. So what will we do in such a situation? You will be happy to know that we can also download copyright free images from Google. Yes, you heard perfectly right, we can download the images using some simple tricks and those images will not be copyrighted either. So let's know how to download copyright free images from Google?
How to download copyright free images from Google?

How to download copyright free images from Google?
Step 1: First of all, open your browser.

Step 2: In Google Images, write the name of the image whose image you want for your blog. For ex- India

Step 1: By clicking on the Search button, you will see many images related to that photo in the results. But you cannot download any images from there and use it in your blog because it is wrong.

Step 1: To get copyright free images, you will see the option of "Tools" in the results page, click on it.

Step 1: After clicking on Tools, you will get to see many options below it, from there you click on the option with “Usage rights”.

Step 1: There are 5 more options under Usage rights. One of them is the option “Labeled for reuse with modification”, click on it.

Step 1: After clicking on that option, you can download and edit all the images that you will see, you can also add your blog logo and text in it.

After doing this, you can easily use Google's images in your blog without any problem and you will not have any problem of copyright at all.